Who we are?

AktionsGemeinschaft (=Action Group) - Who we are?

The AktionsGemeinschaft Boku is aTeam with more than 35 Members, from all semesters and all studies at Boku. From the bachelor UBRM to the master livestock sciences, from the bachelor LBT to the Master programme Civil Engineering and Water Management. We provide you on Boku in every situation, and for you we organize a lot of events on our University.


From 16th to 18th of May 2017 the Students’ Union elections are taking place (in German ÖH Wahlen). Also you can go there and decide who will be your next representatives.


How to vote?

It is pretty easy. You go there with some personal ID of yourself, then you get three different sheets.

  • With the first sheet you can vote the direct student represenatives, they are responsible for your field of study and are the ones to call up, if anything is wrong or you have questions (Studienvertretung in German).
  • With the second sheet you vote for the university representation, so it’s like the name says – they represent all students at BOKU and stand up for your interests (German it is Universitätsvertretung).
  • In the thrid place you vote for the federal student representation. It’s basically like the university representation just for whole Austria (Bundesvertretung in German).